Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Spice Up Wine Night

Who doesn’t love wine nights with your closest friends? Nothing is quite as fun as that one night during the week (and who says it only has to be one?) when you and your girlfriends break out the wine and dish on everything from the Bachelor’s disastrous dates to the scandalous end to your ex-BFF’s relationship. So how can you add a little extra fun and charm to your next wine night? Try implementing these extra elements:

Try some zesty appetizers. Next to the wine, the next best thing at any wine night is the food. Besides your traditional sampling of cheeses, crackers, and grapes, unleash your inner chef and make some fun and simple appetizers. Check out these simple appetizer recipes, such as super salsa and mouthwatering cheese balls, from allrecipes.com.

Mix it up a little. I know what you’re thinking…”No wine? Gasp! That’s practically sacrilegious!” But occasionally switching things up can be great fun. Try hosting a south of the border themed get together, filled with tasty margaritas, plenty of guacamole, and a little bit of Latin spice. Or, try hosting a very cosmopolitan gathering, and sip on martinis in your very chic LBD.

Find some flirty wine glasses. Instead of plain, boring wine glasses, amuse your friends by bringing out glasses that are flirty, fun, and unique. There is a Lolita wine glass that is perfect for any occasion and any person. Some favorite designs include “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” and “My dirty little wine glass.” Also, check out the Lolita martini and margarita glasses, which are great glasses if you want to change up the style of the traditional wine night.

So when the time comes for you to host wine night, make sure to add a little extra flare and style by following these simple tips. But remember, the most important ingredient for a great wine night is your closest friends, oh - and the wine (or tequila, or vodka, or rum, etc.)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lolita Love My Glasses Collection - About Lolita

Lolita - Lolita's Love My Glasses Collections

Raised in Virginia, Lolita won various art awards as a child; her family and friends were amazed at the depth of her creative play. As for her heritage, Lolita stands by a family tradition of creativity and innovation. “I come from a long line of creative tinkerers,” she says. “My great, great uncle was Cyrus McCormick, inventor of the reaper, and my father has more inventions than I could ever count!” Her enthusiasm, in addition to her artistic and imaginative talents, led Lolita to a career in the fashion industry. Here, her double major in Fine Arts and Marketing served her well, and she was soon working for the likes of Christian Dior and Donna Karan. It was with the founding of her own company in 2000, however, that Lolita truly returned to her first love: art and design. When she came to naming her company, she chose her given name, one that came from her grandmother’s name, Lola: Lolita, meaning “beautiful one.” Her return to art has led directly to a product that does not disappoint. Filling a niche in a market whose customers desire unique and stylish home goods, Lolita chooses to use only the best materials and to stay ahead of trends, thus giving her retailers a perfect product. Not only are the glasses individually stunning, but their unique marketing twist also makes them instant collectibles. While customers rave about the designs themselves, they are equally appreciative of the recipes written on the bottom. And with twenty-five unique designs, there is sure to be one for every taste, a recipe for each martini-lover.

Lolita Wine Glasses

Lolita wine glasses from homeandgardenart.com are fun decorative wine glasses, that are beautifully designed come in a wide variety of holiday and individual designs for the collector or wine enthusiast. Each of our Lolita wine glasses are hand painted, and come uniquely boxed. Lolita wine glasses are a festive gift for any occasion.All Lolita wine glasses are originally hand painted for every occasion and make every day a celebration. The Lolita wine glass collection has wine glasses specially designed for Christmas, New Year's, birthdays, Easter, weddings and almost any special occasion. HomeandGardenArt.com provides the full collection of Lolita glasses, add a unique and thoughtful touch to any occasion with our Lolita wine glasses.In addition to Lolita wine glasses; we also have many different other types of products. The Lolita line also includes a variety of hand painted decanters that are great companions for their complementary Lolita wine glasses. They make the perfect pair for your display case or the perfect accent to your outfit.

View Our Entire Collection of Lolita Wine Glasses.


Lolita Martini Glasses

Lolita martini glasses are also hand painted for every occasion and make every day a celebration. Fabulous mixed drinks, and cocktails are perfect served in these hand-painted martini glasses. Additionally, each Lolita glass comes with a hand-painted recipe on the bottom - just for the fun of it!! The Lolita martini glass collection has martini glasses specially designed for Christmas, New Year's, birthdays, weddings and almost any special occasion. HomeandGardenArt.com provides the full collection of Lolita glasses, add a unique and thoughtful touch to any occasion with our Lolita martini glasses.View our collection of Lolita Martini Glasses:


Lolita Ice Cream Bowls

For those who just scream for ice-cream, we now have a fabulous new product, Lolita's hand painted ice cream bowls. Each hand painted Lolita designed bowl follows the trend of our Lolita wine glasses, and has a beautiful themed design. The bowls also make a wonderful candy or snack dish for parties since it so decorative (and what about serving your little princess her cereal in a hand-painted Lolita princess bowl??)

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In addition to Lolita wine glasses we also have available beautiful champagne glasses to celebrate those special occasions. Lolita's decorated champagne flutes are sure to catch attention and be a memorable addition to your wonderful wedding or engagement party. Lolita also has a glass to help bring in the New Year with your New Year’s Eve toast, get yours at HomeandGardenArt.com. View our Lolita Champagne Glasses


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HomeandGardenArt.com specializes in Lolita wine glasses and Lolita martini glasses that are always a fun way to express your personality. But if you’re not a wine drinker or martini drinker, or you’re looking for a gift for him, we also have individualized decorated pilsner glasses. Our pilsner glasses come with the same originality of our Lolita wine glasses, but these are a little more appropriate for your favorite guy. Our pilsner glasses come decorated to portray his favorite sport or hobby, or appeal to his unique personality. Whether it is beer or another beverage Lolita glasses make enjoying a cold drink a lot more fun.View Our Entire Collection of Lolita Pilsner Glasses.


HomeandGardenArt.com has a variety of decorated glasses and other gifts, including our Lolita wine glasses, Lolita Martini Glasses, Lolita Hot Beverage Mugs, coffee or tea are a real hit out of these fun Lolita glasses. They may be decorated in different styles and attitudes, but all of our glasses have one thing in common, they are fun ways to enjoy your favorite drink. Our hand painted decorative wine glasses, martini glasses, and pilsner glasses are for everyone. They make the perfect gift for the person - express yourself!

LOLITA® is a registered trademark of Tracy Healy, Savannah, Georgia, doing business as Designs by Lolita®. HomeandGardenArt.com/LolitaGlasses.html is independently owned and operated and is NOT affiliated, either directly or indirectly with Tracy Healy or Designs by Lolita ®

What is Your Favorite Lolita Glass???